Exploration Safety Officer CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

About this certificate program

The aim of this certificate is to improve the candidate's level of understanding of health and safety issues on an operational drill site so that the candidate can more effectively assist in the management of safety aspects of a drill site.

It is not possible to identify and mitigate risk in a drilling operation if one does not have at least a fundamental understanding of the processes involved in drilling and so this certificate includes the Drilling Fundamentals and Introduction to Drilling Methods courses. The Fundamentals of Risk Assessment course prepares candidates to conduct a basic issue-based risk assessment while the Fundamentals of Hazard Identification course will equip candidates with an understanding of the major sources of hazards on a drill site and therefore improve their ability to identify hazards on a drill site.

The Legal Aspects of Exploration Drilling (SA Law) course covers aspects of South African law applicable to drilling operations and so is intended for people working on projects where South African law is applicable. Candidates working outside of South Africa should register for the Drill Site Safety Certificate which does not include the course on South African law.

Who should register?

This certificate program is designed for people involved in supervising and managing any aspect of a drilling project. Geologists, geological technicians, safety managers, safety officers, supervisors, foremen, contracts managers and engineers will derive benefit from the program.

Certificate outline

This certificate program is made up of five courses:

  • Drilling Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Drilling Methods

  • Fundamentals of Hazard Identification

  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment

  • Legal Aspects of Exploration Drilling (SA Law)

Before you register...

This certificate program requires that candidates conduct hazard identification and risk assessments on an active drilling operation. Candidates who have access to an active drilling operation may register for the "assessed" option but candidates who do not have access to an active drilling operation should register for the "un-assessed" option of this certificate.


Although our online learning programs allow candidates to work at their own pace, it is important that candidates maintain a good work rate and so time limits are set within which courses must be completed. Generally 3 - 4 weeks are allowed per course and so this certificate should be completed within 4 months. A timetable of course completion dates will be made available to the candidate on registration. 


The cost of this certificate program is R 7 400,00 per person, excluding VAT. 

Please refer to the schedule for the monthly intake dates. Should you wish to register for this certificate program, please complete the registration form below.

We are able to offer this certificate on a contact basis for in-house training. Please contact Colin at colin.rice@colinrice.co.za or Erin at erin.rice@colinrice.co.za to discuss your requirements.