Development of drill site safety standards and safety auditing checklists for several major mining companies

The interpretation of legislative requirements for exploration drilling is difficult and so these standards incorporate all legal and fatal risk control protocol requirements into a single standard that is easy to understand and apply.

As such the standard is designed to be an integral part of the tender specification which ensures that all bids are prepared on the same basis and so are more comparable.

Projects have included the development of standardised safety audit checklists that are used by customer staff to conduct periodic safety audits and inspections.

Projects have been completed for Kumba Iron Ore, Debswana Diamond Company, AngloGold Ashanti (CARO) and Anglo Coal (exploration drilling and directional drilling).

Safety audits for numerous major mining companies


We have conducted safety audits of drilling operations for numerous local and international mining companies. These safety audits have included small exploration operations and multi rig projects. 

Pre-deployment safety audits for major mining companies

We have conducted safety audits of drill rigs and ancillary drilling equipment for a number of mining companies prior to deployment to ensure that all equipment is appropriate and fully complies with either the company standard or our own drill site safety standard . 

Conducting of risk assessments

We have conducted risk assessments on ranges of drilling equipment and operations for several exploration drilling projects, manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Audits of drilling operations

We have conducted audits of production aspects of drilling operations for numerous customers. These audits were aimed either at identifying causes of problems or to identify areas of improvement in productivity or safety. 

Development of borehole survey standards and procedures

We have developed standards and procedures for borehole surveying operations using both electronic multi-shot and gyroscopic survey instruments. These include procedures for checking the accuracy of instruments before use and quality checking data produced in a survey.

Development of tender specifications

We have been involved in the development of Scope of Work specifications for a number of exploration projects including long term exploration projects and deep-hole directional drilling projects for major mining companies.

Assistance in the evaluation of technical and financial aspects of a manufacturing company for a potential acquisition

We have assisted a major international investment fund in the evaluation of a manufacturing organisation for potential acquisition.

Development and presentation of training programs for the Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA)

We have been involved in developing and presenting drilling specific training programs for the GSSA since 1994 as a part of the organisation’s Professional Development Program.

Development and presentation of numerous customised training programs

We have developed training programs for numerous companies, universities and organistions including courses on:

  • Waterwell drilling
  • Waterwell development and rehabilitation
  • Borehole surveying procedures and quality assurance of survey data
  • Horizontal drilling for a major underground coal mining company
  • Directional drilling for major coal mining company
  • Reverse circulation drilling for a major mining company
  • Diamond core drilling for a major mining company
  • Drill site safety courses for numerous mining companies
  • Practical hazard identification courses for numerous mining companies
  • Introduction to drilling courses for numerous universities and organisations –
    • University of Johannesburg, University of the Witwatersrand, University of Pretoria, University of Zimbabwe, University of Zambia, The Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa.

Assistance in resolving tender or contract disputes

We have assisted in the resolution of disputes between exploration companies and contractors – these included, the resolution of disputes over the cost of remedies for in-hole problems and the cost of directional drilling interventions.

Compiled a cost driver model for a major mining company

We have developed a drilling activity cost driver model for a major mining company.

Development of operating and safety manuals

We have written operating and safety manuals for drill rigs and a range of downhole equipment for a major drilling equipment manufacturer.