We strongly believe that a drilling operation requires seamless interaction of many different components - surface and downhole equipment, the environment and people and unless these interactions follow well designed and tested procedures, safety is likely to be compromised. Comprehensive auditing of all of these aspects is therefore a critical element of a sound safety management program.


We are proud to offer our extensive technical expertise to provide independent, effective and comprehensive safety audits of operational drill sites and accident investigations. 

Our auditing processes are based on a comprehensive drill site safety standard and associated checklists which ensures that all hazards are identified, procedures are interrogated and performance and attitude of operational and supervisory staff is assessed. 

Our customers are provided with a detailed report of findings with associated recommendations to address issues identified. 

Explore our projects page to find out more on the Safety Auditing Services we have provided to a variety of organisations. 

If you would like more information on the services and methodologies used or would like to find out more about our Safety Auditing service, please contact us and we will provide you with the required details.