Colin Rice Exploration Drilling Advisory is a leading provider of training and consulting services to the exploration drilling industry.

Based on our 34 years of experience in many sectors of the drilling industry, we we have developed a unique combination of high quality training, consulting, safety auditing services and our newest addition, DrillSafe Southern Africa. Our company has developed a proud reputation for delivering outstanding quality services based on sound technical ability, independent opinions and absolute integrity.




Training: In a drilling operation, different job roles require very specific knowledge and skill sets, it is with this in mind that we have designed our 5 drilling Certificate Programs. Our Certificate Programs includes: 

Our short courses include:

Our programs are offered on an online and a contact session basis.


Consulting: Our consulting services include assisting mining, exploration and contracting companies to improve production, efficiency and safety performance. More recently, we have become increasingly involved in assisting several mining companies and research organisations in the development of tender specifications and in the evaluation of tender submissions. An extension of this part of our services is assisting in the resolution of disputes between contractors and clients.


Safety auditing: Management of safety on drill sites has assumed increasing importance in recent years and a key element of any safety management system is objective third party audits of drilling operations. We are uniquely placed to offer independent, objective and thorough safety auditing services to mining and contracting companies based on a full evaluation of the four critical components of drill site safety - equipment, people, environmental issues and operational procedures.

Our safety auditing services provide our customers with an in depth report on their current safety status and recommendations to improve performance.