Based on the positive response over the past few years to our online training, we have restructured some of our certificate programs to more closely align with the knowledge and skill requirements for specific roles in an exploration project.

Our drilling training offering consists of five certificate programs, each specifically designed to meet the requirements of different roles in a drilling operation. Each certificate program is made up of varying combinations of 17 courses that are designed to provide candidates with the necessary technical and legal knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to more effectively contribute to the success of a drilling operation. Our certificate program includes:

  • Drilling Skills for Geologists - this program provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to enable the geologist to better assist in effectively managing production and safety aspects of an exploration drilling operation.

  • Exploration Safety Officer - this program is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills to enable a Safety Officer to effectively manage aspects of safety on an operational drill site. The key to effective safety management is the identification of hazards and so the program includes a full course on hazard identification techniques.

  • Exploration Supervisor - The supervisor is undoubtedly the most important person in the chain of command of an exploration drilling operation yet very few supervisors receive the necessary training to enable them to effectively manage a drilling project. This unique program consists of 12 courses, each of which will provide the candidate with invaluable insight into the complexities of a drilling operation and so equip the candidate to better manage a drilling project.

  • Drill Rig Inspector - Inspection of drilling equipment prior to deployment is a key element of the safety management system. Pre-deployment inspections must be complete and rigorous, it is essential therefore that the person conducting pre-deployment inspection is competent to do so. This program is specifically designed to provide the drill rig inspector with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to enable him / her to conduct a comprehensive pre-deployment safety audit on a drill rig and a range of ancillary drilling equipment.

  • Directional Drilling - Directional drilling is becoming an increasingly important part of the exploration drilling industry and so this program is designed to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and understanding of basic directional drilling concepts and techniques. This program is specifically designed for people working in the mineral exploration industry.

The five certificate programs are made up of varying combinations of 17 courses, as below.

CourseOutline 2018.jpg

All certificate programs are offered on an online basis that allows candidates who are unable to attend full-time programs to register. The online programs require that the candidate has access to a suitable electronic device and a stable internet connection.


Candidates can select whether they would like to register for the assessed or un-assessed version of the certificate program, dependent on the level of experience and access to a drilling operation.

Assessed certificate program

The assessed option requires that a course assessment is submitted at the end of each course and a final assessment at the end of each certificate program. These assessments require the candidate to apply the principles learned, to a drilling operation and therefore the candidate must have a good level of experience of drilling operations and must currently have access to an active drilling operation. Candidates who are successful in passing all of the required course assessments and the final assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Un-assessed certificate program

Candidates who wish to register for a certificate program but who do not have the necessary level of experience or access to an active drilling operation will not be able to complete the assessments and so must register for the "un-assessed" option of the certificate program. These candidates will receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion of the program.
Once the candidate has gained the necessary level of experience and has access to an active drilling operation, he / she may then complete and submit the assessments and if successful will then be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

All certificate programs are structured so that candidates must work through the courses in a defined order. Candidates can move through the course work at their own pace and revisit content however often they need to, however, specific submission dates for assessments will be set and it is required that courses are completed on or before the due date.

Candidates will not be able to print the course work, however, certain “Additional References” are included in a number of the courses and these resources are downloadable by candidates.