About this certificate program

Most mining companies require that drilling equipment is inspected and certified for use before deployment to site. Responsibility for pre-deployment inspections rests with the project manager and typically, a member of the project team is seconded to do the inspections. The variety and the complexity of equipment used in a drilling operation can be daunting and so it is critical that the inspection of drill rigs and ancillary equipment is done in a systematic and thorough way. This certificate program is designed to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct a thorough and effective pre-deployment audit on a drill rig and ancillary drilling equipment.

The program assessment requires that the candidate conducts an observed on-site inspection of a drill rig and ancillary equipment against the organisation’s safety standards. Therefore this program is only offered on a customised basis for organisations and not to individual candidates.

Who should register?

This certificate program is designed for safety managers, safety inspectors, artisans and engineers who will be involved in the pre-deployment inspection and certification of drilling equipment. 

Certificate outline

This certificate program is made up of six courses:

  1. Drilling Fundamentals

  2. Introduction to Drilling Methods

  3. Fundamentals of Hazard Identification

  4. Fundamentals of Risk Assessment

  5. Legal Aspects of Exploration Drilling (SA Law)

  6. Pre-deployment Inspection Procedures

Before you register...

  • This certificate program is designed to prepare candidates to conduct a full and thorough inspection of a drill rig and ancillary drilling equipment. This program is therefore only offered as an "assessed” option.

  • Course assessments require that candidates have a good level of experience and have access to a production or exploration drilling operation. Candidates who do not have access to an active drilling operation should not register for this program.

  • Candidates must have a sound technical background with a good understanding of mechanics, electrics and hydraulics. Candidates must have an above average mathematical ability and must be able to perform relatively complex calculations.


Although our online learning programs allow candidates to work at their own pace, it is important that candidates maintain a good work rate and so time limits are set within which courses must be completed. Generally 3 - 4 weeks are allowed per course and so this certificate should be completed within 6 to 7 months.

The program assessment and duration thereof is dependent on the location of the assessment and travel availability.


If you are interested in registering candidates for this certificate program, please complete the request form below and we will provide you with a quotation.