Drill Site Supervisor Course


Exciting e-learning opportunities are being developed to ensure that this course is easily accessible to learners across the world.    

About the course

The supervisor is arguably the most important person in the chain of command of a drilling contractor. He is the person who has responsibility for day to day operations of one or more drills and so he is in direct contact with all operational staff on a continuous basis. The knowledge, skills, experience and attitude of the supervisor can therefore have a very significant impact on every aspect of the operation - most importantly he will have an enormous impact on health and safety performance. 

As is the case with drillers, there are no Drill Site Supervisor training courses available in South Africa and so this course has been developed to address this serious deficiency. The course will focus on improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of supervisors and site managers involved in exploration drilling projects.

Who should attend?

The Drill Site Supervisor course is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced supervisors and area or site managers. Senior drillers who have been identified as potential supervisors will also benefit from this program. 

The course learning material requires that delegates have a good level of communication and mathematics skills so all delegates will have to successfully complete a pre-assessment before being admitted to the course.


Registrations will be accepted on a first come first served basis

Course outline

The course consists of 6 modules which will be delivered via a series of contact sessions:

  • The role of drilling in mining and construction
  • Drilling methods
  • Plant fundamentals and drilling engineering
  • Drill site safety and hazard identification
  • Diamond drilling/ Reverse Circulation drilling methods and techniques
  • Economic aspects of a drilling operation

Course Schedule

The course is run over eleven days spread over a number of weeks. Ten contact sessions will be held from 8:00 to 16:00 once a week and the eleventh contact session will be dedicated to the assessment of delegates.

Contact sessions will be arranged to suit contractor requirements and will be structured to avoid month ends and also to optimise the time and traveling costs of the course facilitators.

If you are interested in this course, please contact us and we will provide further details.