Colin Rice Exploration and Training (Pty) Ltd is a leading provider of training programmes specifically developed for the exploration drilling industry. Based on our 34 years of experience in many sectors of the drilling industry, we are well placed to offer professional training, consulting and safety auditing services. Over the years we have become a highly respected consulting company because of the quality of our services and integrity.


We offer a range of Certificate Programmes on both an online and a contact session basis.

Our Certificate Programmes are designed for people involved at every level of a drilling operation, from engineers to buyers, geology managers to geological technicians and contracts managers to supervisors.

Our Certificate Programmes include: 


We have a long history of assisting mining, exploration and contracting companies in improving their production, efficiency and safety performance. 

Other aspects of our services include conducting risk assessments, developing standard operating procedures, developing drill site safety standards and developing tender specification and tender documents.


Safety AuditING

Safety on drill sites has assumed increasing importance in recent years and is now no longer a 'nice to have'. In order to ensure that your drilling operation meets safety standards demanded by mining and exploration companies, we offer you a Safety Auditing service in which we will assess every aspect of your drilling operation - equipment,  people and operations.